A Path to Success 2030

2030?  I’ve just put my children on the bus!  Aren’t we jumping ahead a little?

So it would seem. But the kindergarten students who have entered our schools this year will graduate in the Year 2030. Will they be prepared for success in careers that we can only imagine now? Will we have provided them the foundation necessary to adapt their talent and skills to the needs of the future?

Those are just some of the questions we want to speak with you about personally. Help us move forward with a plan that will lead our schools and children on A Path to Success!  We are asking for your input in assisting us with developing a 3 year strategic plan that will take us one step down A Path to Success.

A Path to Success 2030 is a Strategic Planning initiative that will bring stakeholders from across our community together for three 90-minute meetings during November and December. We are seeking the participation of community members, parents, community leaders, staff, students, former students, religious and business leaders for discussion and input about what we value in our schools now, what our expectations are for the future, and how we can plan together to get there.

I hope you will consider adding your voice to this important discussion. Each meeting focuses on a specific theme. Meeting dates and topics are scheduled at the Hartford School in the Cafeteria from 6:30 to 8 p.m. as follows:

Thurs., November 2, 2017:   Identifying our Points of Pride

Thurs., November 30, 2017: Setting our Expectations for the Future

Thurs., December 7, 2017:   Creating an Action Plan for Success

We welcome students in Grades 5-8 to attend and take part. We’d love to have some former students come back and tell us how prepared they felt for high school, college or career based on their elementary school education here in Mount Laurel.

You can learn more about A Path to Success 2030 on our district website, and can sign up to attend all three meetings, or as many as your schedule will allow, using our online sign-up.

I look forward to sitting with you to help shape a successful educational path for all of Mount Laurel’s children.




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