The Appreciation of Art Resonates throughout our Schools!

It just so happened to work out that during the month of February we took time out to show our appreciation for art!

Student Art Recognition in our Schools

First, you should know that every month one of our Mount Laurel schools displays its students’ artwork at the Hattie Britt  Board of Education Building. Presently for the month of March, student artwork from Countryside Elementary School is on display. During the month of February, student artwork from Fleetwood Elementary School was shown. In the past, students and parents were invited to the Hattie Britt Building after school to admire their artwork on display and receive recognition from the central office administrators and staff.  We decided to try a different approach and return the students’ artwork directly to them in their classrooms.  As a result, I visited the Fleetwood Elementary School and classrooms to present 28 students with their artwork, a certificate of appreciation, and a letter of thanks for creating such beautiful artwork.  The approach was a huge success and both students and teachers were excited about the visit and recognition!

Below is a Fleetwood fourth grader who was recognized in the school’s main office!


For more information and pics on our recognition of student artwork please visit the Superintendent’s Art Appreciation link!  Enjoy!

The Parade of Artists

Additionally, on Tuesday, February 28th the Mount Laurel Board of Education took a moment to recognize a special group of volunteers who teach our students how to appreciate the art of the great masters! They visit our schools each year during the months of September through January.


These dedicated volunteers take time to research and present the artwork of the great masters to students in their art classes.  The students and teachers benefit from this group’s love of art and their desire to instill the appreciation of art in our students. This occurs a couple of times of month and is referred to the “Parade of Artists”.  The artwork is presented to second through fourth graders in all six of the Mount Laurel elementary schools.

For more information on this wonderful group of volunteers please view our video link below:

Parade of Artists Video

So, whether it is a piece of individual student artwork, a school bus safety poster, a student entry in the Mount Laurel Fire Department’s fire safety promotion poster contest, or students and staff taking a moment to appreciate the “Parade of Artists” – art and its appreciation is highly valued throughout our schools.  Perhaps that is why we as a school community value education in the visual and performing arts for all our students in every grade!

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