If It’s Summer, in Mount Laurel It’s Time For…

…Continuous Learning!

Summer can be a time of rest and rejuvenation, however, for the Mount Laurel community’s staff, students and families it remains a time filled with continuous learning, fun and activity.

…Summer Camp Fun!

Students throughout Mount Laurel participate in fun and enriching summer camp programs offered in our schools. Whether it is  Camp Laurel , offered through the Board of Education’s Community Education Program, a theatrical summer camp offered by Curtain Call, or the YMCA Camp, these activities are held right here in our schools.

…Sports Camps!

The Spartan’s Basketball and Sports Camps are held at the Hartford School by Physical Education Teacher, Derek Reiter.  

…Summer STEM Courses!

Many students rush to fill to capacity the summer STEM courses in Coding, Robotics 1, and Robotics 2 developed and taught by Mr. Handley in the Hartford STEM Lab!

…Jump-Start June Pilot Projects for Fleetwood and Springville Elementary School Third Graders entering into Fourth Grade!

A key purpose for the Jump-Start June Pilot Project is to allow students to engage in reading literature over the summer that is directly connected with their learning goals for September.  Students who participate in this fun enrichment activity will give their fourth grade teachers insight into their reading, writing, and literary analysis skills. It is also an important opportunity for students to present their learning to their new teachers.  See the links below and begin your journey now!

Fleetwood Elementary School Materials

Springville Elementary School Materials

…Summer Reading Lists!

Mount Laurel’s Summer Reading Program includes suggested books for students in Grade 1-7. Students are encouraged to create a log of books read for discussion in class in the Fall. Your child may select a book not on the suggested list that fits their individual interests and reading level. Parents with questions about the Summer Reading Program should contact their school office, open throughout the summer. The following letters to parents detail the program by grade level. The suggested list is also linked below.

Summer Reading Guidelines

Parent Letter – Next Year’s Grades K-3 Students

Parent Letter – Next Year’s Grades 4-7 Students

Summer Reading Suggestions

...Extended School Year Programs for students with special needs!

Students who need specialized instruction to continue to demonstrate growth attend the district’s multitude of programs throughout the summer, which includes special education and related services. Students also receive reading instruction when required to help close any demonstrated learning gaps between them and their grade level  peers.

…Summer fun!

Families, students, and staff realize that learning is fun and growing to fulfill one’s potential is the best summer vacation one can achieve!

Happy Summer!!

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